Competition is good for the soul, an old saying goes, and that may be true, but in today's internet, competition can be so fierce that the lines between competition and outright warfare can disappear leaving one in a fight for one's life. The battle for top keywords and rankings has gotten so out of hand that there are companies that pay millions of dollars per year just to stay ahead of the pack. Sometimes these million dollar SEO campaigns get their comeuppance when a small fry jumps onto a new trend or series of keywords that the rest of the SEO is unaware of. That can lead to an upending of apple carts all over the web and propel the small guy to international power and fame.

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This is why you need a government SEO professional if you are going to have a government based website for your small business. We might be able to exploit those golden nuggets of keyword wisdom that others have overlooked and send your content viral in mere hours. It seems like a fairy tale, but it happens regularly when new technologies, slang, or techniques come to the fore. You may not realize it as you are creating your content but everything you write ha the potential to go viral if that topic is a hot button topic. One day there you are writing about how a government benefit for Product XYZ is available for discount and not realise that Product XYZ had never been heard of before. Suddenly your content goes viral and you are overwhelmed with traffic, not knowing what to do next.

No need to fret if your small business has a government SEO and you run into a brick wall of keyword competition. There are other ways to generate powerful traffic but you need to know what and how. Our team knows the skills needed to pull in such traffic so you can rest assured you will rise to the good spots in the SERPs regardless.

It is this 'thinking outside of the box' that makes our company so unique. Hit one wall and we either leap over it, knock it down, or dig under it. Some way, some how, our team of government SEO pros will accommodate you and make the right decisions to bring you profit and equity.